WS1 Update on Cities with Zero Waste Goals


· Workshop Organizer: Zero Waste

· Workshop Chair: Richard Anthony

· Date and Time: Monday 12, 08h00 – 09h50 / 12h30 – 14h20

· Room: Sertig

· Description: 

This four hour Workshop featuring international experts including four published Book authors, a Goldman prize winner and National and Local Zero Waste leaders from around the planet, will focus on problems and solutions to handling discards in Cities.

The Zero Waste approach is focused on local issues, local jobs, and local resources.

A significant problem in handling modern discards are products and packages that are designed for disposal at landfill and incinerators ending up in waterways and eventually oceans. This proliferation of mainly plastic is growing. In this new world of proposals of circular economy, decoupling and culture change comes a workshop that covers these issues and shows how Urban centers are addressing them.

There willl ample time for discussion with these advocates of Cities seeking sustainability on planet earth.

· Speakers (20 minutes each including discussion)

  1. Captain Charles Moore Author of the Book Plastic Ocean, from Algalita Marine Research and Education, the first research NGO to identify and document plastics in the Pacific Ocean. Captain Moore will address the impact of plastic marine debris in our Ocean on our fish and wildlife . “Plastic Chaos” PRESENTATION

2. Paul Connett Author of book The Zero Waste Solution.   Dr. Connett is a retired Chemistry Professor and internationally known expert on pollution. Paul will talk about the Ten Steps to Zero Waste with examples from around the world. PRESENTATION

3. Bill Worrell Co-Author of Solid Waste Engineering. Mr. Worrell is Manager for San Luis Obispo County California will focus on new rules that have been enacted in California to address responsibility for managing discards. Bill will talk about „Discard Management – The California Quest“. PRESENTATION

4. Rossano Ercolini (Goldman Environmental Award Winner) for his work in hundreds of Cities throughout Italy and Europe adopting Zero Waste Goals. Mr. Ercolini will cover Italy and Zero Waste Europe. PRESENTATION

5. Tom Wright is an International expert on packaging. Mr. Wright will address the awareness; that Cities play a large part in generating this material and provide, a discussion on new rules needed to address and reverse our current situation. PRESENTATION

6. Richard Anthony is Chair of the Zero Waste International Alliance (ZWIA) and several other Zero Waste NGO’s. Mr. Anthony will present Zero Waste Cities in Southern Califonria and other Pacific Rim Urban areas. PRESENTATION

7. Ruth Abbe Zero Waste USA President. Ms. Abbe will talk about Cities in the USA. PRESENTATION

8. Steven Sherman serves on the Alameda County Recycling Board and the Berkeley Zero Waste Commission in the San Francisco Bay Area. Mr. Sherman will cover their leading local zero waste programs and policies. PRESENTATION

9. Kamila Guimarães de Moraes is the author of “Planned obsolescence and Law: (un)sustainability from consumption to waste production”   Ms Moraes will discuss Zero Waste Cities in Brazil and UK. PRESENTATION

A discussion on the proper management of discards will lead to some easy consensus recommendations.