WS2 Food – The Circular Food Society


· Workshop Organisers: GAP International and Eaternity

· Workshop Chairs: Marilyn Mehlmann and Judith Ellens

· Date and Time: Monday 12, 08h00 – 09h50

· Room: Seehorn

· Description: 

Few resources are as central to human wellbeing as food; and few activities have changed as radically or as negatively as the production, distribution and consumption of food. Indeed, food has become a major source of greenhouse gas emissions and a despoiler rather than steward of natural resources.

This Workshop brings a stakeholder perspective to the burning issue of how regulations and other governance actions can help address the critical question of how the world will be fed, given the grave and accelerating linearity of the current global food Regime.

This is an open event with invited contributors to help identify problems and opportunities. We will together prioritize proposed interventions, and use small-group discussions to explore possible ways Forward.