Get Here Your Program Update WRF 2019 Geneva

new perspectives on the circular economy

Geneva, 30 July 2019 With less than three months to go before the next World Resources Forum (WRF) 2019 will open its doors, the WRF Secretariat has published the latest […]

Copper Recycling Important for Sustainable World

copper recycling

Brussels, 31 January 2018 The European Copper Institute (ECI) and the International Copper Association (ICA) discussed the key role of life cycle data in achieving a shift toward a more sustainable […]

Eight years of cooperation in e-waste in Peru

[cmsms_row][cmsms_column data_width=”3/4″][cmsms_text] Lima, 1 June 2017 On the national Recyclers Day the Swiss International Cooperation and the Peruvian Ministry of the Environment (MINAM) are looking back on a successfull 8 years […]